• Sasha Hart

Have a Baby They Said...

But did they tell you about Daycare?

Having my daughter has been one of my biggest blessings! She has really taught me the definition of unconditional love. My world has changed quite a bit since having her and although motherhood has been amazing, there are some thing I wish THEY told me!! Let’s talk about one of the struggles parents face .... Daycare. Now for some people childcare has never really been an issue but for others like myself.. oh it’s a thang! I will say that we were BLESSED to have my mother’s long time friend move close to us right in the nick of time (I mean literally the Saturday before I had to return to work that Monday!) to watch Gia. She is like family and knew me when I was a little girl so I felt secure in leaving Gigi with her. Granted, I did cry the first day but I knew she would be well taken care of. Having that peace is so very important. As a first time parent , you want to feel secure in the person you leave your child with.. after all, they are precious cargo.

Our process in looking into daycares was a bust, #epicfail, or whatever you want to call it! For one, Bobo and I are not originaly from Atlanta and our families don’t live very close. Two, everyone that we know and trust have jobs and responsibilities that they have to take care of. Finally, the daycares that we thought were good, were waitlisted for our daughter’s age group. What were we to do?? Thank God for my mom building good relationships with the people she met working years ago because she’s the reason why were we able to find our good family friend to watch Gia. There comes that "village" again that was so very needed in this time.

BUT it’s the end of the school year and our nanny has to leave ! I literally have one week before school is out and Daddy started a new position so it looks unprofessional to take off work. What do we do? We ended up having to alternate who stayed home with baby girl for the week. I had Monday, Wednesday, Friday and dad took Tuesday, Thursday so we both didn’t miss an entire week of work. We did what we had to do in this instance. Yes, it was a sacrifice but as parents, I'm realizing that this circumstance was one of MANY to come. Listen, you do what you have to do for the ones you love. It was a trying week but we made it !

My tips to soon to be parents, childcare is just as important as having diapers and wipes. You don’t want to wait until the last minute to make sure you have someone or somewhere in place for your little one. Especially if you are not from the area or don’t have any family and friends close by that you can trust. Interview interview interview ! Even if it’s someone you are familiar with. You don’t know how they will respond with your child so be sure that you are secure with them and all their habits.

Have a baby THEY said....But did they tell you about Daycare?

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