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Have a Baby They Said...

Have a baby they said... But did they tell you about breastfeeding?!?!? I hope so because there are some things you just need to know! Breastfeeding is amazing!! I’ve been going 16 months strong now!! But just like everything else they are some pros and cons. After being in labor for what seemed like forever, I know one way to describe how I felt was relieved! The pain was over and I get to hold and love on my beautiful baby right ? Not so fast! Almost immediately after giving birth, the nurse put baby Gia on my breast to try to get her to latch. Thankfully, that was not a problem. Gia latched on right away and she was ready to get the liquid gold. What they didn’t tell me was that this would cause another pain I was not expecting. In the first few weeks of breastfeeding, my nipples were so sore from nursing. I remember I used to flinch when Gia latched on because the pain was so real. Gia's latch was really strong and she would stay on my breast for hours. This caused my nipples to be so raw and bleed... (I know probably TMI, but I would have loved to know this information beforehand) Nipple cream/ointment was my best friend in those weeks. I remember the nurse at the hospital telling me to let my boobs air out so that I could get some relief in between feedings.

I can be honest. A lot of mamas say that they immediately had such a great bonding experience when breastfeeding; I didn’t. All I felt was pain and I was honestly wondering when is this pain going to go away? It was hard for me because I thought about stopping all together. But I knew all the benefits my baby would have from breastmilk and I had a few mamas encouraging me to push through. Slowly but surely over time, ( I would say around month 2 or 3) we perfected our latch and we were in business! I was producing enough milk and things were going good.

Flash forward to a couple of months later, my milk production started to go down and then worry set in. Worrying was one of my mistakes because that just slowed down my production even more. I tried lactation cookies and they seem to help a little and I also read that the more baby nurses, the more milk you produce. So I put baby on my boob more often and my supply came back in gradually.

When it was time to go back to work, I had my pump ready and I pumped twice a day on my breaks. Being at work and not able to nurse during the day brought another set of things to tackle. I remember getting so full and engorged (can be painful also) that I would leak through my clothes. How embarrassing right?? Breast pads became a necessity in my daily wardrobe.

My tips for breastfeeding? Don’t be so hard on yourself. Realize that it’s a journey and you will get through it. Always remember breastfeeding is like supply and demand. The more baby nurses, the more milk you produce. For nursing mamaas, get you a HaaKaa. When nursing o

n one boob, you tend to express milk from the other. In order not to waste the liquid gold on your shirt, attach the HaaKaa and you might end up with enough milk for another feeding! Breastfeeding is not for everyone and that DOES NOT make you a bad mom. There are so many babies that are formula fed and thriving. Some women really have a hard time with getting baby to latch or milk production itself. If that is you, it’s OKAY! Don’t let anyone pressure you into anything! Yes, breastfeeding has lots of benefits but ultimately what your baby needs is your unconditional love and for you to choose the best way to get them fed. Whatever way/ways you choose, its your choice and as long as it works for you and baby just keep rocking Mamaas! You got this!

Have a Baby They Said...

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