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Have a Baby They Said...

But did they tell you about baby getting sick? You know, when I get sick I just try and knock it out with whatever OTC medicine that works for me. When baby gets sick, oh man! It’s a struggle! I struggle with the fact that viruses have to run their course and this in turn helps to build up babies’ immune system. I struggle with the facts that baby may be extra cranky and looks like they are SUFFERING while there is nothing that you can give them except for the occasional Motrin or Tylenol.

Gia started school recently and babyyy, I was NOT ready for what would come with that!!The first time she got sick, she woke up in the middle of the night projectile vomiting. I rushed her to hospital. She ended up with a virus and had to stay home for 24 hours from school. The next time was good old pink eye. Doctor gave us the antibiotic drops and that went away within days. I do recall her eyes still having some of that icky cold in it on and off after, and then BOOM! Here were are with the fever 🤒. I wake up one morning around 2, I feel her, and she is burning up. I immediately go for the Motrin and when the time came for us to get ready for work and school, she was good. I thought it was gone for sure but nope, this high fever continued to come back. Now, I’m concerned because usually the Motrin would take care of the fever, but this time it’s just lingering.

In the meantime, all of this virus talk is going on the news so you know that mommy panic, that we all have kicks in. I take her to the doctor and they tell us that she has a virus, just to get extra rest, drink lots of fluids and monitor the fever with Motrin. One thing I learned through this episode was that when dealing with a fever, you can alternate between Tylenol and Motrin. This really works! I was blown away( I know it’s simple) but I was just excited that my baby didn’t have this fever anymore. Did you know that?

Having a sick baby has taught me such patience. Sometimes I feel so hopeless because I can’t just pick up some medicine that will fix everything. I have never googled so many “natural home remedies” for colds and coughs before having a kid. At many times, my entire house smells like eucalyptus, since that helps to clear congestion. Listen, as moms we do all we can to make our loved ones feel their best. I know the nurses at Gia’s doctors office are probably tired of me calling for every little thing, but I’m learning still 🤷🏾‍♀️. As she gets older, I’m understanding a little more and more.

My advice : Don’t be too hard on yourself or panic when your child gets sick. You know your little one better than anyone else! Go with your gut when you feel something is wrong. Wash hands and Lysol/disinfect away ! The picture in this post is what my kitchen counter has been looking like over the last few weeks. These medicines/vitamins have helped in one way or another to get Gia to feeling like her normal self, so I’m grateful. My granny used to always say prevention is better than a cure.

Stay safe, clean & healthy loves ❤️


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