• Sasha Hart

I Had it all Wrong...

Ok I think I had this mom/wife/family thing all wrong. My game plan going in was to make sure that everyone was always good. That sounds right but I, myself wasn’t included in that “everyone” club. I think I get it now because what I’ve been doing has been completely wrong.

Having my baby girl is a complete blessing period! I do my very best to make sure she is safe and well taken care of. As I continue on this journey of motherhood, I look back on my past self and see that I have done some things wrong. I haven’t taken good care of me. I can honestly say I have neglected myself. As moms, we tend to put the needs of others before ourselves and before we know it, we burn out. I know that it is definitely what happened to me.

Before having my baby girl I was on point! I always had my hair done, looked put together, clothes fit nicely, etc. My true friends and family can attest. Now, all of that seems like a luxury. After having my baby, for the longest time, looking in the mirror, I did not recognize my reflection. I gotta get going, baby needs a bath, somebody’s hungry, gotta fix dinner, so I don’t have time to fix my hair or make sure my clothes actually match. These were all the excuses I made in my head to make me think that looking a MESS was okay!

Truth moment: some days I’m ashamed of myself because I just feel like I’ve given up on who I was before I had a baby. I put me so far on the back burner that I forgot I was even still on the stove. I’m still Sasha that loves to dance, laugh, dress up and go out once in a while( I was always a homebody before having my kid) I’ve just added a few more titles under my name. More now than ever, I realize how important it is as a mom to TAKE CARE of YOURSELF! It’s so easy to be like “Oh, that’s going to take too long” or “ I don’t have a babysitter.” These are true situations but we’re WOMEN and if there is anything that we can do is MAKE THINGS WORK! It’s just going to take a little more effort.

You can only truly be a great mother when you feel like your BEST self and you are well taken care of. No, it’s not selfish or ungrateful (more excuses in my mind that I let stop me ). It’s called self care and making sure that you are at 100% ( at least 90%) to be able to give to those who count on you.

I’m still a work in progress and I’m not where I want to be but I am well on my way. You mig

ht still see me looking a little crazy BUT I’ve realized what I need to change and I won’t let me get back to a place where I don’t recognize how amazing I truly am!

Let’s talk! No matter how small, what are some things you do to take care of you? Drop your self care routines down below in the comment section. I wanna know!

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