• Sasha Hart

Lesson Learned.. Part 2

A lot has happened since my last blog post.

The holidays are here and I’m just in peace mode. I’m doing what I have to do to protect that and keep my sanity. When I’m sane I can be he best mommy to Gia. I’m focusing more on myself and making sure Gia is good. If God’s not in it I don’t want it! It’s been a crazy couple of months and I’m just glad to be in a better head space than I was before. I’m taking it one day at a time. I’m not arguing or putting myself in a space that doesn’t make me happy or healthy . Is it hard transitioning from where I was last year to now? Absolutely! But when I look at the little face that stares at me .. I do what I have to. She truly calms me and helps me look at life differently.

Life is surely a teacher and it really is how you react to what happens to you. I’ve built so much character and I am so proud of myself. I wish no harm on anyone.( I don’t know if I could of said that honestly a few months ago). There is no hate in my heart. I’m co parenting and doing it well if I might say so myself. I’m doing what’s best for me. I think this is where people say that you are really over all the drama when you get to this point. Now that doesn’t mean that I like how people do things or that all are best friends. It just means that my daughter means too much to me. She didn’t ask to be here and in environments with adults arguing or fighting around her. If that means I have to put my pride aside and ignore certain things, that’s what I will do. I hope everyone involved has learned something from this to be better people

Lesson learned: Life is real and things change. You don’t need to make it change you into a person that you are not. You learn from the good and the bad and keep moving.

I’m looking forward to the future and I believe and pray for better and greater blessings for me and my little one. It was rough but we made it. Happy New Year to you all. I’ll keep you guys posted!

I appreciate everyone that has reached out, shared and related to my situation. I send blessings and peace to you. Know you are stronger than you think you are. It wasn’t to be messy or gain attention. It was simply a part of my personal healing.

Love you all & Kisses from us


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