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Welcome to Toddlerhood!

You know when you see a child in the store throwing a fit and then you automatically think “My child would never!” Yeah, that was me pre-toddler😂

You remember when you said my child would never do that when I have kids... ha! Go ahead and have a toddler! It’s pretty hilarious when I think about myself pre-baby and what I thought I would do and tolerate when I had my own child.

The truth of the matter is, parenthood requires A LOT of patience no matter what kind of parent you are. You can plan this and that and your child will flip, scoot and turn on those plans. Being the type of person I am, it was really hard for me to adjust to that. I realized that I had to accept the things I really couldn’t change.

As Gia is getting older, she is learning to express herself more and sometimes when she can’t communicate what’s happening, the frustration turns into a full tantrum. Think about it...If you were trying to get people to understand your feelings but you just couldn’t get the right words out to express your emotions exactly, you would definitely throw a fit too. This also took me a while to figure out but something had to give when baby girl sat in the middle of my Walmart grocery store because she didn’t want to leave without another bag of candy. 🤦🏾‍♀️

I have to admit, the first public tantrum took me out! Growing up in my Jamaican parent household, this was a no no 😂. We grew up learning to listen to our parents right away and if you didn’t, there would be consequences. I’m truly proud and grateful for the job my parents have done with raising me ( I think I turned out pretty well 😌). I also know that as humans we respond differently and this girl Gia; she responds differently. Just like the rest of us, as parents we have to find out what works for our children and stick with that until of course it changes, because it definitely will.

Now, am I saying that I let my child go crazy and I have no control over her? Absolutely not. Gia is and will continue to grow to be a well-mannered, wholesome and intelligent human being. What I am saying is, some days are tough and it takes a different approach than yelling or screaming at my toddler to calm her down. She’s a kid! And I will let her be that.

So when you see a screaming toddler just losing it in public or private don’t be so quick to judge or say “my child would never!” Many people say that type of behavior starts at home. Well it didn’t start in my home! I sure didn’t teach Gia to fall out and scream when things don’t go the way she wants. However, I do correct her and talk to her about what’s right and wrong. Happily, we are making progress! We are all just trying to figure it out one tantrum at a time: adults and toddlers included.

Mamas let chat! Who can relate?! What are some effective ways/tips you can share to help with your toddler tantrums or overall raising a toddler ?!?!

Whatever they are, just keep doing the best you can!

All in love 💕

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