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What in the World is Molluscum?

It all started with a small bump on her little hand. It looked like a little wart which I was sure would go away. It never bothered her and I didn’t see her pick at it, so it went to the bottom of my list of worries. Some time after that, I saw a small cluster of those same bumps right under her bottom lip in the corner.

As a first time mom, ofcourse I went to “Doctor Google”. I searched and described the bumps as best as I could and the results all summarized it to be a drool rash. “Okay, it’s nothing to worry about” I thought.

As a newborn, Gia had really bad acne ( that’s a whole other blog post). But these bumps were different. At least, they didn’t look that bad at the moment.

A few weeks went by and these bumps were still there. Some new ones even popped out on her face. As time went on, they kept multiplying. Nothing over the counter I used worked. I even tried her prescription strength rash cream and that did nothing. I finally took her to the doctor because at this point, it was too many to count and they were very noticeable. Without hesitation, her doctor told me she had molluscum.

Molluscum? What ? I had never heard of such a thing but supposedly it’s common in children and very contagious 😷( in the family of chicken pox) . Now this wasn’t the bad part. The issue was that they spread by touching the bumps and wherever you touch after, that’s where they would develop. Gia had a small cluster on the back of her hand that she obviously uses to touch EVERYTHING! I don’t know about you but have you tried to stop a 1 year old from touching all things colorful, interesting and then her face!?

What made it worse was that the process to get rid of them could take months or even years! They just stick around unless you remove them or the virus leaves your system. The process for removing involves freezes them off or using cream that would blister them open 🤦🏾‍♀️. This was a tough choice because she was just a baby.

We took her to our dermatologist and she gave us options of how we could get rid of them. Freezing them would definitely hurt and sting her so we let the doctor put something on it that would blister them.

Oh, how I wish someone told me of how nasty they would look. My baby’s face looked like she fell horribly. The ones on her hands, we covered with bandaids so she wouldn’t pick them. The ones on her face blistered which made her have scabs all over. When the scabs went away her skin had bright spots where the bumps were.

It took awhile (months) but they finally healed and luckily she didn’t seem so bothered by them. I added some pictures so you can see what they looked like from start to finish. It was a long process and it’s crazy because you just never know what your child can pick up.

You think you are being very careful but nevertheless life happens. Ofcourse, now that I’m aware of it, it’s something I’m mindful of. I thought I’d share our journey with molluscum to shed some light on these stubborn warts and how we got over them.

It definitely makes me grateful for her beautiful skin now because it didn’t always look this way.

Have a baby they said..but did they tell you about molluscum?

❤️ Sasha

Look closely and you will see the small bumps on her cute little face

This is what the bumps looked like after they blistered.

The light spots on her face after the scabs went away. She wasn’t in the mood for pictures, clearly. 😂

Today! No bumps!

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